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Marcus.... hot....
Oh, hi!

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yes yes he is!! Well our version of him anyway...

Stephen Billington NEEDS to be Marcus!!

Welcome to the group!!
Definitely. Stephen Billington anyway. But I should go before I start ranting on and on about him and M/E. Welcome!
rant away Jess...that's what this forum is here for ;)
Yes.... He is very sexy... I was very thankful that my friend showed me that movie! It makes me sad that he isn't playing him in Dracula 3. It is rather stupid, I think. You can agree, right?! Wow... he is hot...

I would like to see him in some more vampire roles! I would love to listen to rants about Stephen Billington (drool again....) as long as I can rant also!

Oh, and I don't think you guys really care, but I have been telling everyone I can about it. I came out about being gay to my mom Yesterday!

She took it very well!
Your teenage vampire, Mike.