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For those interested in RolePlaying or know what online Roleplaying is...

Beneath the city streets, feuding Vampire and Lycan clans battle for supremacy over the Underworld. Their war has raged for centuries, unseen by human eyes - until now..

When the battle begins, which side will YOU choose?

The RP is completely AU, the only thing related to underworld about it is the war between the lycan and vampires. I am making no profit off of this, it is completely fiction and it was only created for the pure use of having fun. So, click on the picture and check it out!
The perfect ending.

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Hey, I'm new to the group. I see there's not too many members, that's cool. Smaller communities rock. XD

Where did the picture of Markus come from? He's not shown in the first one..is he? Except maybe at the end, but you only see him still inside his coffin. lol, maybe I missed something, though. haha, probably. Later dayz!
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So, here, for your viewing pleasure, is Stephen Billington and "The puppy dog eyes".

SO cute! SO hot....

Anyway, I would like to know why you call that character Marcus?? I have always called him Judas Iscariot, of course.



Hello to all those Marcus/Erika supporters! Or just plain Underworld fans...come and join the love!! Feel free to post anything Underworld Related...but i'd like to keep it mostly Marcus/Erika related...

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